Hi, I'm Swapnil.

Learner. Storyteller. Marketer. Thinker. Believer.

I partner with entrepreneurs, business heads and senior leadership to grow their business by focusing on and improving their customer experience.

Customer focused business growth

Customer obsessed growth strategist.

I hadn't realized that's what I was - until one of my mentors and ex-boss introduced me with this opening line to the Managing Director of one of India's biggest conglomerate.

That single instance changed the way I looked at myself. It made me realize that there's more that I could do. Create positive impact for businesses which touch millions of lives their customers and buyers.

Also, I liked the sound of it! It's been 6 years, and this one line has been my guardrail.

How can I help you and your business?

brand strategy

I partner with entrepreneurs, brand owners, from discovery to defining the brand purpose, and personality – tone, voice, and style. I take a holistic approach towards brand strategy which impacts all aspects of the business.

customer experience management

I deep-dive to understand the customers, beyond just their buying behavior – know their motivations and triggers. I double-click on the insights to define, develop, and deliver the consistent experience across all platforms and touchpoints.

digital training and workshps for teams

I love sharing what I have learned. I regularly conduct workshops for marketing teams, agencies, and marketing enthusiasts. I particularly enjoy organizing interactive sessions discussing all things marketing – small group of upto 25 people.

content strategy

I love all things content – from a 3000-word blog to meme/gif or the cart abandonment email – everything! I believe each content platform and form has a role to play in enriching the customer journey, and the magic is in knowing what works where to deliver value and drive revenue. I help brands roll-out through-the-funnel content strategy.

integrated marketing strategy

I create the integrated marketing approach for the launch of your product or brand. Leveraging the reach of big branding exercise and the immediate measurable impact of the direct marketing – all to maximize the ROAS.

Do you need help in any one or more of these areas? Agencies seem out of reach and the last consultant you hired didn't deliver value?

I know the feeling!

I have spoken to and worked with 30+ early stage startup entrepreneurs, brand owners of established businesses and legacy business owners.

And at some point, they all struggled in one or more of these areas.

I invite you to a no obligations 30-min call to have a high-level discussion and identify growth opportunity areas for your business.

Founder's corner

Being a founder can get lonely at times. The world sees the successes, raised rounds, and big-headlines. But, there's so much more to it.

If you are a founder of a fast-growing business or a solopreneur, and want to have a chat on product adoption, features roadmap, team hiring, or just want the soundboard for your ideas and thoughts, I would love to connect with you.

So far, 18 founders have connected with me and have found some value in our no holds barred conversations.

If you too would like to connect, click on the link below to book the slots.

I recommend Saturday's.

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